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Around the world blog hop

I was asked to contribute to around the world blog hop by Elvira . She is a brilliant quilter & makes the neatest wallet I have ever laid eyes on .
  She has a lovely blog where she shares her love of sewing , photography , cooking & much more .
She also has a lovely etsy shop stocking up on beautiful indian cottons , wallets , quilts & much more .Elvira's etsy shop 

I was  thrilled yet surprised cos it's been ages since I blogged . I hopped in with great enthusiasm,maybe this is a sign I should be more diligent in updating my blog . The rules for this post was rather simple , I had to answer 4 questions & since it involves my work I can yap away or rather tap away ..
So here goes ..
     1) what am I working on ?
    Ahh well I'm working on a few projects. Some have been going at a snails pace ..
Not a close up cos I'm a bit finicky ,I prefer showing my art quilts once it's complete so will reveal it soon . It's white silk with a variegated thread . Do stay tuned .

Fishes  , horses & Brit print will become a quilt someday .. Have to start cutting the fabric .. 

I do a bit of Aari work so this is a Saree blouse for me .. Final stages of completion before it becomes a pretty blouse's been on the frame from July .. Ahh sometimes ..

A 100" *100 " quilt top completed .. Have to quilt it & it's ready to be cuddled up in .. 

Silk bags for my best friends .. Diwali gifts .. 
         2How does my work differ from  others of its genre? 
    I really don't have an answer for that . I would say we are all influenced by someone or something it's how we intrepret it & how the viewer perceives it . 

This art quilt for me is all about the texture , colours & layers . A visual representation of a lotus . A viewer asked me if I support a political party !! Huh ,. It never crossed my mind ..

It's been quiet sometime since I have done traditional quilts .. I started with traditional quilting nearly 10 years ago . Most of it hand pieced & hand quilted . Now  I do it with the ease of my Bernina . 
 It's only recent that I took up art quilting .. It was something I always wanted too .. Never knew how to start ..once I took the plunge it's no turning back ., 
I use a lot of silks , velvets, satins ,lace ..well actually any fabric I lay my hands on . It's a constant learning process . Each piece is different . Most of my inspiration is nature .. I like bright colours , lots of texture . Most of my works are 3 dimensional. I like trying new products & techniques .

This beetle I used the confetti technique but instead of tiny pieces of fabric I used all my left over silk threads & with a bit of colouring with my Inktense pencils .

   3) why do I create ?
    Why do I breathe ? The answer is same as to why I create ..  
But how I got to create I would thank my Mom & dad ,they encouraged me to do what I love . Whether it was sketching or sewing . Right from a young age I would always be seen with a book & pencil drawing or reading .. My mom being an artist she taught me her skills , my dad would teach me to be observant , patient & diligent so put that all together & there you have my work .. I still go to them when I have a creative block .. 
I was always interested in fabrics ..I would design clothes for my Barbie . And the joy of giving handmade gifts is bliss .. Be it a tiny bag or quilt or wall hanging or a pretty dress ..the hours spent designing , choosing fabrics & sewing it up with lots of love & when u gift it ,,a smile & a hug makes you puffed with happiness which  has no bounds ..
But it did take me years of hopping around with various careers till I decided it's time I do what I truly love .
Now I quilt full time & have my lil boutique where I design salwars & sarees .

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.- my fav quote from the Disney movie # Brave .

      4) How does my creative process work ?
    Inspiration strikes at the oddest hour & place too prepared . 
Mostly I see fabric & I get an idea how I would like to work on it .. Yeah sounds like I'm heading for the looney bin ..but nope .. I visualise what I want to make . It doesnt have to have a theme or how I intrepret it .. 

This was bits of bright poplin ,  I knew I wanted to FMQ ..the butterfly was an after thought .. I don't have any rules ..I just go with the flow with my thought process ..
If I do have a topic or a theme i Start with writing it down .Eg . Hope . I would write down or Draw what is hope to me .. 

Say I think hope is a teeny seed coming up from a parched land .. Once I zero in on my idea I do a rough sketch how I want it to be .. Then I audition fabrics .. Then I do a sketch in the size I want & then go about piecing it , embellishments , quilting.. No hard and fast rules ..I keep adding layers or textures or whatever it needs to look finished to me ..most of the times my initial sketch & my finished work don't have much in common .. 

This was my sketch for the theme footprints ..I wanted it as a foot prints on the beach with shells etc ..

This is how It turned out .. No beach bum here .. It was welcoming Lord Krishna on his birthday !! With kolams ..not a bit of brown .. Mmm
So that's it ..
About me & my work ..hope you enjoyed the long read ..
Now it's my turn to tag 3 of my friends .
I would like to introduce to you : 
Veena Kumar  a quilter & food blogger . A charming lady who cooks up a storm & makes beautiful quilts too .  
Bilqis a exemplary quilter ..her quilts are stunning ..perfect points & her choice of colours I am at loss of words to describe her quilts's marvellous indeed ..

Sharon Robinson is a quilter I know virtually ..she is  an architect by day . She makes stunning art quilts .

Happy blog hopping . See  you lovely ladies on Monday to read about what makes you tick ..

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