Friday, November 15, 2013

INSPICATION - inspiration / justification

It's October 27th .. So .. The desi quilters challenge closes by 30th midnight . I don't have an idea or time to do anything . I log on to see all the entries , all so lovely and brilliant . Damn and double damn I want to do something .. Ok that decided .. The theme is flowers .. I draw a blank .. Flowers to me is on a plant or mallipoo in my hair , a Bouquet of flowers - no I hate that plastic paper around it .. A vase of flowers - no .. Still a blank it's already late evening ..
   I had other work piling high on my desk , bed and everywhere .. So I put my iPhone on shuffle and I tackle my boutique accounts .. I hate numbers and they hate me too ..we are even .. 
Ahh good old rock of the 80's .. Sweet child of mine .. Bingo's GNR .. Guns and roses .. I prefer guns to roses ,.so one part of my  inspiration  . No I don't kill it's just the beauty of a gun .. 
Now I have been making fabric flowers for years .. Roses from tissue paper , satin etc.. So I knew I want 3d flowers but just flowers nope .. 
Inspiration part two - I hate numbers so as I calculate again and again looks evil yet so bloody necessary .. So the skull .. 
Then part three of inspiration -like most mothers my mom hated iif I wore any picture of a skull ,even wearing a skull t shirt or earrings .. Oh I must add my best friend too , I have no clue why he isn't fond of a cute skull I told my mom this is it , she says why skull I say .. Can u live without a skull ? Discussion closed .
To my sketch board .. It's beautiful .. Perfect skull of mine .. 
Ahh I must add my original sketch had two skulls and more flowers . It's already 28th so the other skull is for apple brandy .. 
As for the execution nothing much cut , iron facing on , pin and stitch .. Velvet & raw silk creates a magic together .. Flowers were a no brainer .. After doing up the skull , flowers and leaves I thought I needed a bit more definition to give it a boost so I drew those lines from the skull . And thank god I decided to just stich the lines leaving the fmq to be done last .. Why ? Cos I ran out of pink rayon thread .. And if I need it I have to go to health and glow , chennai .. And time is running out so ..this is it she asked for flowers by midnight ..

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